14 Days of Soulful Practices & Support From Successful Women Life Coaches to Help You Relax & Experience a Joyful, Connected, Holiday Season


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A Soulful Process for Thriving as a Coach

If you’re thinking about making self care a priority, turning your passion for personal development into a career as a life coach, or you’re already a life coach and you want to grow your practice and reach six figures, then I’ve got great news for you…

When I first started off as a life coach, my practice and joy grew so fast that it got me featured on the front page of the New York Times. Ever since then, I’ve been teaching women how to start and grow their businesses and create confidence in their daily lives in order to achieve financial freedom doing soul-aligned work they love.

In the spirit of the holidays, I’m teaching you the #1 most important skill I used to create a clear path to success, get paying clients quickly, and make a six figure income in the first 14 months of becoming a coach.

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  • glitter-star-2Start the New Year with new rituals, intention, & soulful purpose.

What’s new this year?

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I’ve partnered with leading mentors, feminine thought leaders, and coaches. We’re here to nurture a sense of ease and flow while we encourage you to practice the same skills we use every day to create sustainable success (creating freedom by doing less).

For the past five years women have transformed their lives participating in this annual ritual. I’m so excited to invite you to this beautiful experience.

Spending the holidays with you each year has taught me so much, too. It’s reinforced the powerful truth that happiness and success in business comes from sisterhood — a held container that helps create focus and flow.

If we’re going to survive as women entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders in a world where technology is growing exponentially and the patriarchy honors a masculine approach to business, we must learn to collaborate. We’re being called to source our wisdom, pace, and daily action from within.

Intuition, devotion, and sovereign choices are essential for experiencing alignment in our work. I’ve been honored to help 300+ women launch successful coaching businesses in this modern market by showing them a new way of working, during the busiest time of year.

By the end of the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast, you’ll have a fresh perspective and confidence in your ability to thrive as an expert in your personal life and in the wellness industry. This challenge will also help to grow your social media and connect you with empowered women around the world…

I’m devoted to sisterhood and being supportive, and I’m teaching this soulful process during the holiday season – for free!


The FREE Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast begins December 2nd!*



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