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Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge


Meet Our Bonus Mentors!


Keep up the practice of self-care, and before you know it, it’s part of your daily life!

To help you maintain this deeply healing focus on self-care, I’m sharing an incredible lineup of bonus mentor challenges — one for you to complete each day, from now until our live celebration call on January 7.

Be sure to listen to this short episode/lovenote I created for you — I explain all about this bonus part of the Holiday Challenge Podcast, and more…

The Holiday Challenge was amazing, thanks to you! I’m so thankful you’re part of our sisterhood community, as we practice self-care and use it as the foundation for our businesses, and our lives…

I know you’ll love these powerful bonus mentors — and their challenges!

Check out our Holiday Challenge bonus episodes:

Emily Cassel
Craft the exact kind of upcoming year you want to have, all in a way that’s both soulful and strategic. As a Leadership + Business coach, Emily supports ambitious women entrepreneurs as they embrace soulful strategies for success so they can create more impact (and income) in business and beyond. Jump into Emily’s challenge and create more spaciousness in your life and work.

Anna Goldstein
Imagine being able to help your clients live out their full potential, just by encouraging them to be more kind! Inspiring, isn’t it? In this challenge, we talk about the energy of kindness, what’s happened in my life because of the kindness of sisterhood — and what can happen for you, too!

Sydney Campos
Today’s challenge is so beautifully simple that, as Sydney herself says in the episode, you might wonder whether there’s something missing!

But don’t be fooled — Sydney’s invitation for us will actually uncover insights within each of us about what we truly desire. What unmet needs do you have, deep down? Sydney’s challenge will unlock them.

Molly Nichols
You’ll be inspired by this challenge with Molly, a renowned fertility coach and healer, when you hear that (just like you) I experience moments of fear of comparison around putting myself out there in the world through my coaching business. And I have a feeling Molly’s challenge will take you by surprise!

Jeanine Staples
This challenge is perfect for the busy times of year when it’s so easy to rely on a to-do list and live life on autopilot. Dr. Jeanine Staples, isn’t going to let us get away with that! Her refreshing challenge is easy to implement and also has big results.

Allison Braun
Allison began her business as a sexual expression coach, known by her clients as the Bedroom Joyologist. She quickly noticed her clients were starving for more enjoyment, pleasure and ease — not just in the bedroom but in their careers and businesses, too. Allison’s challenge is all about how pleasure can be productive.

Lisa Fraley & Genevieve Shingle Jaffe
This challenge from Lisa and Gena — attorneys who specialize in working with creative female entrepreneurs — is all about setting you and your business up for success in the new year. It’s different than goal setting because it has to do with taking simple actions that we normally avoid because they feel heavy or stressful. Don’t miss this info-packed challenge!

Ali Shanti
Also known as Alexis Neely, Ali calls herself a “truth-telling lawyer and a business priestess.” In this challenge, she talks about creating a positive relationship with the legal, insurance, financial, and tax systems in your business so things run smoothly — PLUS guidance around coming into right relationship with your entrepreneurial archetype.

Rachel Pesso
Website designer Rachel’s challenge is all about creating a vision to help you recognize your own inner light. Nurturing yourself through self-care gives you the inner resources to step into your power as a business owner and a leader. What a brilliant way to set the tone for this coming year when you finally become a sought-after life coach!

Lisa Fabrega
Coach and courage curator Lisa’s challenge is all about the energy of commitment. We talk about what can happen for you if you choose to commit yourself to be here and present in the new year!

Julie Santiago
Today’s challenge from Julie, a Wall Streeter turned women’s empowerment coach, especially inspirational, as it asks us to look inward and ask ourselves: What are we contributing? You might notice Julie and I are both a little giddy, not only about our budding friendship, but about how invigorating it feels to use our gifts to be of service.

Jennifer Racioppi
Jennifer is a coach with expertise in astrology, positive psychology and women’s health — and her challenge is one of the most important things we can do to honor the many different religious, spiritual, ancestral and personal beliefs we share in this powerful sisterhood.

Hillary Weiss
Copywriter extraordinaire Hillary’s challenge is all about how to uncover YOUR personal point of view — and get seen and heard when you put it all into action with a social share. You’re going to love this!

Andrea Owen
You may recognize Andrea Owen as host of the podcast “Your Kick Ass Life.” She’s got a simple and energizing challenge for you. I love Andrea’s wisdom in this episode, including: “As we practice letting go of behaviors like perfectionism, control, isolating, people pleasing and numbing out— courage is practiced instead. And courage breeds confidence and happiness.” She’s got a simple and energizing challenge for you!

Sora Surya No
Sora’s challenge is about celebrating the amazing things you’ve done this past year. She’s a sacred space holder, badass sorceress, transformative business coach and international retreat leader — I know you’ll enjoy honoring your accomplishments for the year!

Ginny Muir
Ginny was my first health coach and has become my best friend. Her challenge is about completing our experience together and preparing for our live celebration call by going into the depths and shadow of the feminine with intention and ease.

Complete one bonus challenge each day, sister — can’t wait to connect for our live celebration call on January 7…

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I welcome you with open arms and an open heart and I look forward to connecting in a deeply felt way during this very special season.

Yours in sisterhood,


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